Scrambler guess-the-word game for Excel

Scrambler guess-the-word desktop game for Excel - Alex Shaw III

Overview of Scrambler

Scrambler is an Excel desktop game, where you have to figure out a word from randomly shuffled letters. In addition, you have the option of updating the word list. Each word spans up to eight characters. Now, that can increase the difficulty of the game, which is great.

This would be one of the Excel games that would be nice to recreate.

Play the game

Requirements to play Scrambler – Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher or compatible.

Download the game

Add words to the game

Guess-the-word desktop game for Excel - Words list - Alex Shaw III

So, to update the words list, just go to the words tab. When you add a word, we are not sure if you have to update the hint. Hopefully, we covered that event in the code.


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