Donut Maker online design app for shapes with holes

Donut Maker online design app - Alex Shaw III

Overview of the Donut Maker

Overall, the Donut Maker (or DM) helps you create nice circular designs, with holes in the middle. DM is a basic online design tool that helps you reduce creation time. As a bonus, there are also two rectangular donuts in the DM.

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For the most part, you need an Internet connection and a web browser to use DM.


  • 14+ donut types
  • Show from 2 to 10 pieces
  • Colorize any piece
  • Save in a crispy, vector-based format

Types of DM shapes

On the whole, there are over 14 DM types, including two rectangular shapes.

Type of shapes in the DM - Alex Shaw III

How it works

Simply, select a DM type, number of segments, and some colors. That is really all you have to do. Also, selecting colors is optional.

Saving your work

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Save. When you save your work, it creates a SVG file and automatically puts it in a folder.

Start the DM

So, are you ready to start creating something nice?

Start Donut Maker


Here are some tutorials and how-tos related to using the Donut Maker, particularly with PowerPoint. Most of them are fairly short, allowing you to focus on a few skill points at a time.


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